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School Budgets with OmniOutliner

As a grant administrator and school administrator I’m building budgets all of the time. No, really, it happens quite often.  Zero based budgeting and incremental budgeting are two methods that I use.  With the zero based method I start off with a total budget amount in mind and build my budget up to that amount, aiming to have zero money left over.  An incremental budget means that I take the last budgeting cycle amounts and base my new budget on what was actually spent last time, attempting to take into account future needs.  I find that using these methods together is very effective.Obviously, my school district has professional accounting software that tracks the real money, so there is no need for me to adopt another system that tracks actual purchases.  Most of the time the budgets that I create are quick, one-off, planning budgets that help inform purchasing, grant reporting, and grant writing.  That said, the normal Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers tools don’t really allow you to do…