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Competency Based Instruction and Asynchronous Learning

Competency Based Instruction and Asynchronous Learning go hand in hand.'s a video from the famous Salmon Kahn.  The whole thing is great, but if you don't have time to watch the whole thing I'd suggest watching 16:00 - 22:20.  Mr. Kahn provides a great case for asynchronous education AND competency based instruction.

My Breakdown of the Big Three

Facebook and Twitter have dominated social networking for a few years now.  (Yes, there is LinkedIn and others, but who really uses them?  How many people do you know who've logged in this week?)  In contrast to everything else, Facebook and Twitter are used far more.  As a testament to Facebook, just think about who you have as a friends.  My friends range from former students, to high school buddies, to family, and business associates.  Both my dad and my niece are my friends on Facebook and I watch them use Facebook like crazy.  They run in totally different circles, communicate with totally different types of users, use Facebook in different ways, but we all are able to maintain a unified connection with each other.To me Facebook has become the online catalogue for my relationships.  Regardless of who you are there are enough people on Facebook to make it useful to almost everyone.  It's a giant catalogue of pictures, postings, musings, comments, and the latest news from a…

New Skitch PDF Annotation

Image are a lot of Evernote users out there.  Skitch is an application that works in tandem with Evernote by actually saving all of its data to Evernote. (Evernote owns Skitch)Skitch has historically been a great screen capture app.  It allows you to quickly grab a screenshot, add arrows, circles, or text, and then easily share.Skitch now has the ability to add "stamps" and annotate PDF's.  I could see Skitch being used by teachers who need to provide feedback on a variety of student submitted PDF assignments.Check it out!