How to blog with a fuzzy internet connection

I don't know how many times I've been inspired to update one of my blogs and have the wind taken out of my sails by fuzzy internet. I define fuzzy internet as internet that might be working, but I may have to reload pages more than once. Internet that works, but isn't reliable or even usable. If you rely on logging in to your website for ever little update, the fuzzy internet in Bush Alaska can be a real bummer.

MarsEdit is a lightweight application that really helps you update your blog when your internet is down (which happens a lot for me). Since it is an actual application running on your computer it doesn't rely on an internet connection. I can click it open and start writing immediately; there's no waiting for pages to slowly load or frustration when the network croaks.

It's a deceptively simple application, that just works for posting text and images. But it also integrates with Flickr, and can publish to as many sites as you need. It publishes as txt so if you need to embed a YouTube video or html it's no problem.

I'm a fan. Free 30 day trial, $29.95 to buy.

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