More Winter Fun

Yes, it's still winter in Unalakleet, Alaska.  Snow isn't melting, but we're enjoying the sunny days.  

We spent a weekend camping with some friends at  a cabin that's along the Iditarod trail, about 35 miles outside of town.

Damon and Ryan gathered firewood

We all spent time cutting it.

The cozy cabin

A beautiful sunset ski

Back country skiing

The 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes spent a day of celebration at Ayuu's Hill.  A spot about 8 miles up river.  



Ice fishing


Darroll and Savanah came over Easter, we had a great visit.

They brought the Easter ham along with other exciting groceries.

Damon and I participated in the community ski picnic.  We skied a few miles outside of town, grilled hot dogs, drank hot chocolate, and then skied home.

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