Mom and Memackie's Visit to Alaska

Damon and I were fortunate to have my mom and grandma come visit at the beginning of September. We treated them to some true Alaskan adventure.

Boating up the Unalakleet River

These were the fish Memackie caught with her first 2 casts.

These were the fish that my mom and Damon caught with their first casts.

We hiked up to the top of Army Hill for a nice view of the village and some berry picking.

Getting around town on the four-wheeler

Picnicing up river on a sand bar. We enjoyed looking at bear and moose tracks.

Mom, Memackie, and I flew into Anchorage and took a tour down to Seward. We went on a day cruise where we were able to see this glacier calving.

More pretty Seward scenery

It was a wonderful visit, and I don't think it could have been more perfect. Damon and I were so thankful that they came.

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