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The best way to sum up the past 2 months is through pictures:
First stop Wasilla, AK, where we spent time with Damon's family.

Picnicing and hiking with friends at Hatcher's Pass.

We kept ourselves busy.  Damon built a tool shed for his dad, and took a trip to Kodiak.  I took a knitting class, and made a scarf and dish cloth.

   Kodiak, AK

A highlight of the summer was our trip to Hong Kong and Japan.
   View of Hong Kong

 Incense burners in a temple

Gates to a Shinto temple in Kyoto, Japan

Golden temple in Kyoto

Dinner in our ryokan in Kanazawa, Japan

Bamboo forest in Kyoto

Taking a drink from a fountain of wisdom in Kyoto

Kanazawa Garden

Japanese lantern in Kanazawa Garden

Sake kegs outside the gates of a buddhist temple

A highlight of the trip was visiting the family that Damon stayed with when he was an exchange student to Kanayama, Japan.   We stayed with Tony (far left), from Ketchikan, AK, and his family.  

After we returned to the states, we headed down to Missouri to visit family and …