Life on a River (winter version)

Alright, so it's been a little while since I last posted. Make me feel guilty, geez. In my own defense, it's been difficult to update because of extremely slow internet. Unalakleet has direct flights to Anchorage, the BSSD district office, and a grocery store with fresh produce, but somehow decent internet speeds aren't exactly a village forte. We had much faster internet in Stebbins. All complaining aside, Heidi and I are having a lot of fun. Our Thanksgiving break was relaxing, filled with lots of fun with friends, and we even managed a few outings.

Heidi and I went snowshoeing through a tunnel of willows.

I went icefishing with a friend, Henry, from church. I caught several trout, a grayling, and a whitefish (that's what they call it). I ate some pan fried trout for dinner tonight. You can't beat fresh trout and cornmeal. Yum!

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