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Life on a river

One of the great benefits to being in Unalakleet is the proximity to the Unalakleet river. Off-shoots of the river run about a block and a half away from our apartment, so we have very easy access. Good thing too, because we just purchased a boat. It's a flat bottom Lund, with a Yamaha 40hp Jet. A perfect setup for this area.

The boat was very clean, when we got it, but someone left a Henry Weinhard's cream soda root beer in the back next too the motor. Heidi and I had a little ceremony before our first ride and I christened the boat with the bottle of cream soda.

Roughing it in Unalakleet

If you didn't already know, Heidi and I have moved from Stebbins toUnalakleet. We are still in the Bering Strait School District, and justabout 70 miles up the coast from Stebbins. Practically neighbors.
Heidiand I miss Stebbins a lot, but are really enjoying life here inUnalakleet. There have been lots of opportunities to go fishing, berrypicking, and exploring. For some reason there are a lot more roadsaround Unalakleet, which makes it easier to get around right now. Lateron, when it snows, it won't matter because we'll have a snowmachine.Right now though, we are enjoying the beautiful sunshine.Above: Heidi catching her first salmon of the season.

Above: A picture of Unalakleet from a nearby mountain.
Below: Heidi's class picking berries during the first week of school. They picked berries and then made jam to take home to their families.

Above: Heidi and I have been babysitting a friend's dog. His name is Aipaq, which means "friend."
Below: Unalakleet s…