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Walk on Beach Around Bluff


Run to St. Michael

Yesterday I ran the ten miles from Stebbins to St. Michael with three of my students. It was a great run beautiful views. Many of the pictures that are on this blog were taken along the route that we ran. It was overcast, rained a little, and was about 42 degrees. I don't know what I'm going to do about the heat when I start running down in Missouri. Anybody have any tips?

Below is a picture showing the road that we ran on. It's a dirt road with lots of hills.

Summer's Almost Here

I just signed up for the Joker's Wild Half Marathon in St. Louis, Missouri (July 7). Should prove to be a fun time. Only $60, anyone want to run it with me? Heidi and I are also planning on buying a canoe and taking several river trips. Anyone interested in canoeing, give us some dates so we can start planning.

As you can see, Heidi and I are very excited about summer. It has been beautiful here the past few weeks. The sun is taking up more and more of the day, and the temperature is warming. The blankets of white are wearing thin. Summer is right around the corner. Today we went out on a ride and saw the first green of the new year. Come to think of it, I probably haven't seen any green since last October. It was very exciting, and photo worthy (see below).

Below is a picture that was taken about a week or so ago. Heidi and I drove out to the cliffs above North Beach to enjoy the beautiful day and a hot cup of chocolate (Heidi's favorite).

Above & below: Thes…