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First Basketball Game & First Trip to the Steamboats

The Stebbins boys and girls basketball teams played in St. Michael on Friday. Although they were just scrimmages, the games provided some excitement for the weekend. These were the first games of the season, and both the girls and boys played well.

And if you didn't already know, Heidi is the Stebbins Knights girls basketball coach this year. Woohoo!!!

Notice the scoreboard below. Yes, we were the home team. It was a successful night for the the Stebbins girls. Final score: 81-24. We played Savoonga.

The weather has warmed up substantially since last weekend, and so Heidi and I thought we would take another group out to attempt to find the steamboats once again (our first attempt proved unsuccessful). With the added snow from the last few weeks, the ten mile trip across the tundra was now possible.

P.S. Here's a rare behind the scenes look at how our blog is written. Heidi snapped this shot while I was writing last week's post. Neffy usually dictates the first dr…

Moose Hunting

Heidi and I went moose hunting with our friends Drew and Candy last weekend, at least that's what we're calling it. We never saw a moose, and we didn't really try to look for one. Sometimes you just need a reason to get out.

Here's our rig. That's a borrowed sled in the back to carry our gear. It's a twenty-five mile trip out to the cabin, so we needed to make sure that we had plenty of gear (yes Mom & Dad, I brought the pack shovel you gave me for Christmas so we could make a survival igloo if we needed).

It was an absolutely beautiful drive, but at -30 degrees Fahrenheit we were glad to find the cabin when we did. Yes that's right, -30 flat cold, without windchill. And yes, that can get a little cold crossing the tundra mile after mile on a snowmachine. I'll have to say that it can't be done unless you have the right gear. Heidi and I have been building up our gear for awhile now and so we can do this sort of thing.

A large fox scampered …