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Another ride on the Tundra

Here are some more pictures of Heidi and me out on the tundra. We are receiving a little more snow each night, but we still can't quite make it to the steamboats yet.

When you are out here and there isn't another living thing in sight you really feel like you are on another planet. Our parkas are our spacesuits and the snowmachine is our moon buggy.

This is what it looks like in every direction.

Stebbins Carnival

We had a carnival in Stebbins a few weeks ago. It is really nice to have a community activity that is family oriented. People of all ages, including whole families, come to the carnival.

A group of students helped me take some pictures and then we put them together to make this video.
Video of the Stebbins Carnival

Also, click here to look at a few pictures.

First Snowmachine Trip of the Year

I've been holding out for some real snow. It's been slow (with snow) this year. Finally though, Heidi and I took our first snowmachine trip of the year. We headed out to the old steamboats, but couldn't quite make it. Without the heavy snows the terrain is still very rough and some of the streams are still impassable.

It's a pretty amazing feeling to have our back yard be such a remote area. In the time it takes for most people to get to the video store and back, we can be out and in the middle of some of the most remote country left in the United States.

Thanks to Barb for the pictures.