Fresh Fruit & Veggies


Having taught and worked in the Bush for many years, my dad knows what's important. So far this year my dad has sent four shipments of produce, and as anyone who has spent any time in the Bush knows, produce is worth its weight in gold. Without my dad the only produce that we see is a little too soft, or a little oddly colored.

Below is a picture of just some of what he has sent.

If you have been following the blog for awhile, you may remember the blog post about his shipments from last year. He used to send huge boxes of stuff, and inevitably some of it got smashed. This year I think he has improved his technique by sending smaller boxes. Below you'll see a box that barely survived the Bush shipping process, and it should be noted that all the goodies inside survived.

This has been an ongoing project for my dad and we are extremely grateful.

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