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Trail of Destruction

Recently, tornados have hit Missouri and wildfires have wreaked havoc in Napa Valley. This last week an Alaskan form of devastation hit my parents' back yard. A moose in rut left its own trail of destruction. Here's an excerpt from my dad's email:


Some bad news. A young, love sick, bull moose has been hanging around the house here. He came in the other night and worked on the swing set. He was back this morning and finished making fire wood out of the swing. He attacked a few other items in the yard and then he went out to your truck and started on it.

I think he has been after the truck before. I could not run him off. He destroyed the canvas covering on the truck, left several scrapes and some dents in the truck. Then he broke the plastic strip between the front bumper and the grill. That will be expensive to repair. Our insurance paid $850 for a repair on a car that your mother hit and broke the same piece.

I brought the truck up to the drive way. I don't wa…