Back to the Bush

After a busy summer, Heidi and I are back in the Bush. We arrived back to Stebbins last Friday and were happy to be home. When we stepped off the plane I noticed this huge pile of boxes on the runway. I immediately thought that it was a load of boxes from new teachers who were moving up, but upon closer examination I saw that it was supplies for victims of the Hooper Bay fire. These supplies will go a long way in helping families weather the wake of this disaster.

After living out of suitcases all summer, we were happy to be in our own place, with our own bed, surrounded by all of our own stuff. Just two days later though we found ourselves back on a plane on a flight to Unalakleet to attend training from Dr. Langford.

Today we found time after our training to do some geocaching. Heidi and I geocached all summer, and we were happy to see that there was a cache within walking distance of Unalakleet. If you have never geocached, you need to get a GPS and get started, it's a blast. Below is a picture of Desiree, Heidi, and me at the cache location. Overall, we hiked four and a half miles to find this cache.

At training events and inservices in Unalakeet (or any other BSSD site), if you don't have a friend with an open bed, you stay at the school. Below is a picture of Heidi on a district supplied blow-up mattress. We can't let ourselves complain about having to sleep on a blow-up, because we overhead a sourdough teacher talk about the old days when they had to just sleep on the floor. Apparently this is luxury.


Pics from this Summer

I took and collected from friends 1520 pictures of our travels this summer, here are just a few.

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