Heidi's Debut Post

I am entering the world of blogging, and feeling so techy.

I decided that my debut post would be about my guspuk. Throughout the long, cold winter I have been finding hobbies to keep myself busy (we don't have TV). I borrowed a guspuk from one of our cooks, drew a pattern off of it, bought fabric at our store, and started sewing. A guspuk is a light weight parka worn by both men and women. A woman's has a little skirt, a front pocket, and a hood.

Below: Here I am in the process of sewing. It took me about 2 weeks to finish.

Below: The final product.

I enjoyed sewing so much that I've started on a second guspuk. If you would like one, send me fabric and rik rak. It's still winter here, and I'm still looking for ways to keep busy.

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