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Mike and Robbi Pictures

Heidi and I had a great time visiting with Mike and Robbi. I wanted to get some pictures up of their trip, so I made a "set" with my Flickr account. Click here to see the pictures.

I'll add commentary with a proper blog entry a little later.

Spring Break at the Beach

Mike and Robbi made it to Alaska! My parents picked them up at the airport on Thursday. Their flight to Stebbins didn't leave until the next day, which gave them plenty of time to see some sights. We're heading to Nome next week for the Iditarod, so they made it a point to go to the Iditarod headquarters in Wasilla.

Above: Heidi's parents, Mike and Robbi.

Below: My mom, Savanah, and Robbi.

Above: There also was time to hang out at my parent's house. My dad Darroll, and Mike checking out my parent's sauna. I don't believe there was time to heat it up though.

Below: Another benefit of the layover was extra time for shopping...specifically, grocery shopping for Heidi and me. Fresh produce is worth its weight in gold out here in the bush. I bought and left a cooler at my parent's house while I was in town during the ASTE conference, and Mike and Robbi brought it to us full of salad, strawberries, bananas, avocados, croissants, real milk (not powdered), a…

Stuck in Anchorage

The conference is over, yet I'm still here. Apparently there is some crazy weather going on up in Norton Sound and my flight yesterday was cancelled. I'm waiting patiently for news to arrive about whether we will get out today or not.

One benefit of this extended stay has been that I've had an opportunity to visit with some friends here in Anchorage. Thanks Goose and Ginger for taking time to visit with me!