Heidi's parka makes the news

After seeing Heidi shiver several times in her inadequatly insulated coat, I suggested that it was time to upgrade. After some extensive research, Heidi chose the CanadaGoose Eclipse Parka. I scoured the internet for the best price and found Bob Mickler's. Their store, which is down in Kentucky, was quite surpised to see a customer from Stebbins, Alaska. The news caught the eye of a reporter for a local newspaper.

Check it out...
Lexington Herald Leader

THE BUZZ by Jim Jordan

No roads? No problem

Bob Mickler's gets lots of orders for riding apparel and clothing through its Web site, www.bobmicklers.com.

But a recent one for a woman's goose-down jacket caught the eye of Julie Mickler, the Lexington company's president. The reason was the destination: Stebbins, Alaska.

"It's almost 900 miles north of Anchorage," Mickler said. "I knew there weren't any roads there and that it might have to be flown in.

"So I called UPS to see if they would deliver," Mickler continued. "They said, 'yes,' but I heard this giggling in the background. 'We'll have to find a musher,' they said."

In the end, the U.S. Postal Service picked up a jacket in Lexington that had been made in Canada and delivered it to a far corner of Alaska.

Did they use a musher and a dog team? Mickler wasn't sure, but "we got an e-mail from the customer (Friday) and she loved the jacket."

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