Happy Birthday Heidi!

Heidi had her 27th birthday over the weekend. As you can see she received cards and even flowers from her dad. The local delivery guy, Bob, picked them up off the runway and delivered them to the school as soon as the mail plane landed. Not a freezer burned petal in the whole bouquet, we were amazed.

Since Heidi's mom is thousands of miles away, the duty of baking Heidi her annual birthday Chicken Kiev fell to me. In case you are not familiar with Chicken Kiev, let me say that it is a fairly complicated recipe. Here is a brief synopses of what has to be done:
-thaw chicken breasts
-beat chicken with a hard object until flat and thin (reminded me of rolling out dough for a pizza)
-mix spices with some butter and freeze into cubes
-use the flattened chicken like a tortilla and make a burrito with the butter cubes inside
-roll in flour, dip in egg, then roll again in bread crumbs
-fry everything
-then finally bake

This recipe is not to be attempted by any amateur. Luckily, I am a culinary master (see picture below).

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