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Frozen Dishes

Heidi and I had our Sunday dinner and a movie tonight, which consisted of burgers and "Lost Season 1: Disc 7: The Essential Lost: Bonus Features." It has been a restful weekend and we are looking forward to the short school week and then the trip down to be with my parents in Wasilla for Thanksgiving. The last time I had Thanksgiving with my parents and Alaskan family was when I was a senior in highschool, back in fall 1997. I am really pumped. My mom is an incredible cook, and Thanksgiving has always been one of the most important holidays of the year. I can't wait.

An interesting thing happened tonight. The burgers I cooked made the house a little smoky, so we opened the kitchen window which is directly above the sink. Of course, we forgot about it and left it open while we ate and watched our movie. When we returned to the kitchen to do the dishes we found the area around the window completely frozen.

Below: The water in this glass was frozen solid.

Above: utensils froze…

Tomcod Fishing

It's tomcod season! The cod are running up river to spawn, just like the salmon earlier this year. However, tomcod fishing is a little different than salmon fishing. Read below for directions.

Above: First you must take an ax and chop a hole in the ice. Keep a pot nearby to scoop out ice as the hole refreezes.

Below: All you need is a hook with some meat on it, some string, and two sticks. Lower the hook into the water, and use the sticks to adjust the height of the hook above the riverbed.

Above: When you feel a tug, pull your line in.

Above: Remove the tomcod from the hook.

Below: Tomcod are usually eight to twelve inches. Eat raw and frozen solid.

The night the ocean froze

This past week an amazing thing happened. The ocean froze. The metamorphosis started with the beach rocks. You can see below that the rocks are glazed with ice.

During the night it snowed heavily, and the ocean winds changed, blowing arctic ice into our shores. When we awoke the ocean was frozen. The change happened over night, we couldn't believe it!