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Testing the new parka

Yes, it's snowing again. Is this stereotypical or what?

We're now prepared for the coming cold.

Heidi and I received our parkas in the mail today. Saturdays are turning into mail day. It seems like all the good stuff comes on Saturdays.

Heidi purchased a North Face Varius Guide parka shell and a separate North Face Nuptse down insulator, while I went with the full on Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Parka. Both of our new parkas are insanely warm.

I noticed this tag on the inside of my parka. I presumed that it was a place for me to write down my name in case the parka was lost, but then I saw the fourth line. You know that it is serious survival gear when it has a specific place for you to write down your blood type.

Video, Video, and More Video

Heidi and I keep getting subtle hints from our most dedicated blog readers (Mom & Dad) for some more video of Stebbins. Thus, I've provided three quality clips below!

Honda Ride Through Stebbins

Walking Tour of School

Fun on the Flats

New load of goodies from the parents

Heidi and I had one of the best mail days yet. Four packages from both our parents came in, and they were all crammed full with great stuff.

Thanks so much Mom & Dad, and Mom & Dad.

Above: Fresh produce is worth its weight in gold up here. This should hold us over for a few weeks.

Below: There are some things that you don't really need, but it sure is nice when you have them. Tea, Halloween decorations, newspapers & magazines, candles, TV show recordings, and jiffy pop are just a few.

Ride in the snow

With a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, what better thing is there to do than to take a Honda ride?

It's important to dress appropriately. Thanks Robbi for making Neffy's coat.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was warm and a air was cool.

Neffy had fun mountain climbing.

We saw our first herd of reindeer. They were pretty far off, but it looked like there were quite a few of them. The reindeer is simply a domesticated caribou. The locals maintain this herd for meat, rounding them up once a year.