Stebbins Apartment Tour

Yeah, this is my first vlog, also known as a videoblog! Click this link to see the video tour of our apartment. If you just don't have the bandwidth, or the patience, I've also taken some pictures.

We've been very happy with our new place. It's roomy, smells good, has lots of windows, and lots of storage. What more could we ask for?

Above: Neffy and me in the kitchen. This is the biggest kitchen that Heidi and I have ever had, which is nice because we do a lot of cooking. The closest restaurant is in Unalakleet, which is a 30 minute plane ride away.

Below: Our fridge is completely stuffed full of salmon, and this is only half of it! Nick and Janna have been nice enough to let us use some space in their freezer chest.
Above: Out lovely living room. No TV or radio, although we do have Netflix and watch as many movies as we can get our hands on. We watch movies, listen to podcasts, as well as internet radio on my trusty Apple iBook. It's been nice not having a TV and we haven't missed it a bit.
Above: Our bedroom...not very interesting.

Below: The office/ guest bedroom. We haven't had any guests yet, but if you want to visit us here's where you will stay. We can probably get a bigger bed if needed. Notice my iBook, this is where I do a lot of my blogging.

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