Went fishing

Caught a pile of fish yesterday. My principal, a couple other teachers, and I boated out to a nearby river. It was incredible. The river was so thick with salmon that the river would just boil when they made their runs. It wasn't so much a school of fish as a herd of fish stampeding. We caught close to seventy fish in three hours.

Above: Just a few of the fish we caught.
Below: I caught the largest fish of the day, 13 pounds. It was a little red, but it still had sea lice and the filets were perfect. It the background you can see some buildings. They are native fish camps where the Eskimos fish all summer to stock up for the winter. There were other people around, but the entire time that we were there we only saw one other boat on the river and one other person fishing a long way up river.

Below: Here we are working hard cleaning the fish. Those are some Eskimo kids in the foreground and backgrounds. They were excited to see our haul. It took four hours to clean and vacuum seal all the fish. We started smoking some of the fish today.

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