Eskimo Dancing

The night before school started the community came together to wish us teachers the best. We were entertained for hours with traditional Eskimo dancing. I have learned that this area is very rich in traditional dancing, and I was impressed with the skill and variety of different dances. Much like other native dances, Eskimo dances always tell a story. Also, it is the tradition in this area that you must have a "First Dance" before you can dance in any sort of group function. When a boy, girl, man, or woman has learned a number of dances and is ready to dance with the group, they must dance by themselves in front of everyone. This is a very special time and the family provides gifts for all who attend. Some spend up to $3000 total on all of the different gifts. Of course the best gifts (handmade gloves and mukluks) go the elders of the village.

Here are some pictures of the dance that we attended:

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