Coveting my neighbor's Honda

About a week and a half ago my friend Nick and I closed a deal on a couple of Honda four wheelers. We have been anxiously awaiting their arrival, and giddily planning all of the adventures that we will soon have with them. Well, they just arrived!...wait...scratch that...Nick's just arrived. They were shipped together out of Anchorage, however I got a call earlier today letting me know of a little problem. Apparently, my Honda was dropped, run over, shredded, and then set on fire. The only way that they were able to identify it as mine was from a scrap of charred bar code melted onto the tarmac. The nice lady on the phone told me not to worry, and that they would not try to fix my machine. Instead, the nice lady went on to explain that there are master mechanics, engineers, and scientists busily working right now to clone my dead four wheeler. I have been assured that they will work night and day until Wednesday to get my new cloned machine back to the freight warehouse, so that it can sit there for another week before they can again attempt to put it onto a plane.

It will be next week before I get my new machine, and that's if I'm lucky. Since I'm not lucky, I expect it to come in the week after next. Until then, I will covet my neighbor's Honda.

Nick & Janna on their fancy new four wheeler:

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