Shopping for the Bush

When living in the Bush you have to do most of your shopping in Anchorage or Fairbanks. This is substantially better than when my parents taught in the Bush. When my mom and dad were in Barrow they had to order groceries a year at a time, and they were sent all the way from Seattle.

Yesterday, Heidi and I went to a Fred Meyer in Anchorage that specializes in shopping for the Bush. We spent two and a half hours filling up four carts with everything that we will need for the next couple of months. Food, cleaning supplies, shower curtain, and everything else that is needed when moving into a new place. After we found all that we needed, and $1000 later (the receipt was over six feet long), a really nice lady named Tiny took over, and we will have our groceries waiting for us when we arrive in Stebbins. Down the road when we need more groceries, Fred's will take our orders over the phone and mail them out. I already know that we forgot to buy shaving cream.

Above is a picture of Heidi, Mom, and me with our empty carts.

Below is a picture of Heidi and me with four full carts. Some of the carts don't look that full, but that's because they are full of cans and we couldn't push them if we filled them up any more.

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