On the road to Alaska PART I

I am currently sitting at an Arby's in Bozeman, Montana (who knew that an Arby's would have wireless?). Heidi and I are treating ourselves to some warm food. Hummus, tortilla, Vienna sausage, and tuna salad can only take you so far. Arby's roast beef with curly fries and special sauce is really tasting good right now.

Today marks one week on the road. Upon leaving Springfield we made a circle through Missouri visiting family and friends. We left the state on HWY 29 North out of Kansas City. We took 29 all the way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We then hopped on HWY 90 are following it all the way to Washington.

Along the way we've taken the liberty to make many stops and see lots of sights. This has included The Corn Palace, Wall Drug, The Bad Lands, Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, The Crazy Horse Monument, Yellowstone, and more. We're having a great trip so far, with no problems yet.

We'll keep you posted and put some more pictures up when possible. This picture is of Heidi and me at Yellowstone. You can see the steam from the hot springs in the background.

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