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No, not the St. Louis Cardinals

This last weekend Heidi and I went to see the Springfield Cardinals play. We lost, but it was a good game and we had a lot of fun.

The new Hammons Field is fantastic.

Means to get there

To get to Alaska Heidi and I will be driving my truck. (We're selling her car; anybody want to buy a "93 Corsica? ///SOLD///)

We've been researching many different options on how to get all of our stuff up, and we've settled on this nice new trailer. We'll put everything that we own inside and drive it to Wasilla where my parents live. We can't take everything to Stebbins, so a lot of our belongings will stay at my parent's house. Everything else that we need to bring, we will barge or fly to Stebbins.

It's 6ft X 10ft.

Heidi and I are pretty excited about this trailer. Other possible uses, besides transcontinental voyages, include hauling a snowmachine, or hauling a motorcycle. Granted I do not own either of these items, but if I ever do, man will I be able to haul them around.

Picture of Stebbins

A teaching couple from Stebbins has been nice enough to introduce themselves to Heidi and me. They emailed us a few days ago and have been great about answering our random questions. We've learned that a big chunk of the teaching staff is from Oregon (GO OSU!!!).

They also sent us a cool picture. Check it out, it's Stebbins from the air.

The big blue roof in the middle of the picture is the school. The tri-plex, where Heidi and I will be living, is to the left of the school. The water out there in front of the village is Norton Sound/Pacific Ocean.