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We're going to Stebbins...Where's that you ask???

It's official! Heidi and I will be teaching at Stebbins, Alaska next year. Heidi will teach third grade and I will teach seventh. I will also be the technology guy for the school.

Wondering where Stebbins is? Click on the link to check out a satellite photo.

In map mode you can get closer, but all you can see is roads.

Notice how Stebbins isn't named on this map.

Click here for a movie clip about Stebbins.

Here is the Bering Straight School District website, where there is a lot of information about the other schools and the area.

Fellow Blogger


Here is a link to a friends blog. Ann constantly has stories to tell and it makes for some interesting reading. Her emailings were great, and now I'm glad that the rest of the world can share in her daily adventures.

Way back in the day (college), Ann was my wife's sorority "Mom." I'm not sure if parental sorority relations extend to husbands, but in any case I feel like we have some sort of relation. She has a beautiful voice and sang at our wedding.

Cheers Ann!