Connect your school or district Facebook Page to Twitter

An effective way to facilitate your organization's social media presence is to use Facebook as a hub.  If you don't have a Page already, create a Facebook Page for your school or district.  Also, create a Twitter account for your school or district.  Make sure that you are logged in to your organization’s Twitter account and then visit  This page will help you link your Facebook Page to your Twitter account.  

Once this is set up, anything posted to your organization’s Facebook Page, by you or other Page administrators, will repost on your Twitter account automatically.  

ASTE 2016

I'm here at ASTE again, and it's great to see all of my colleagues and friends from around Alaska.  ASTE is great for staying in touch, and also meeting new likeminded educators.  I'm loving it.  This year I have two sessions. A free solution for managing an RTI or Project Based Learning schedule

Student Broadcasting Untethered

Alaska Principals' Conference 2015

SESSION TITLE: Implementing an RTI Schedule at the Middle School Level using Social Media, Board Presentations, Apps, and More

Passionate principals work hard to change the status quo in our schools.  Our presentation will help principals see how to make change in a difficult environment with many obstacles present.  Principals will learn strategies for preparing the school community for change in a positive way so that when the change comes, they will be ready to get on board.  Principals will also learn about the Pickr app, which allows students to pick their own tutorials and make ad-hoc groups in a quick and efficient manner.

More presentations from this conference are available at my presentation partner's website  We had three sessions.